STM8L050 8-bit MCU

8-bit MCU combines DMA controller, separated data EEPROM, six user I/Os

STMicroelectronics is boosting feature integration in low-cost, low-power 8-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) with the new STM8L050. As the latest in the ultra-energy-conscious STM8L series, it embeds rich analog peripherals, a DMA controller, and separated data EEPROM, all in an inexpensive SO-8 package with up to six user I/Os. Leveraging ST’s powerful, efficient STM8 core running at up to 16 MHz, the […]

STHVDAC-253C7 digital controller

Smart-antenna controller cuts board space, BOM, and battery load for smartphones

STMicroelectronics’ STHVDAC-253C7 digital controller for tunable capacitors such as ST’s STPTIC family shrinks the size, bill of materials (BoM), and power consumption of antenna-tuning circuits for stabilizing smartphone RF performance. Using the STHVDAC-253C7 with STPTIC capacitors for impedance matching and frequency tuning almost completely eliminates the effects of environmental variations, resulting in stronger signal reception, […]


What’s new with Wi-Fi 6? Focus on high-efficiency

The first wide-spread home electrical appliance was the toaster, and 90% of homes today still have one.[i] Today, wireless connectivity to the internet is as ubiquitous as the electricity was a hundred years ago. Smartphones, tablets, wearables, laptops, televisions, Nest thermostats, Alexa, Google Home, Ring video doorbell sensors, surveillance cameras door locks, smart lighting, and […]